Autumn is often synonymous with change, renewal and fresh start. We want to buy new clothes, to change our style, to be more in line with the latest trends. However, because of a lack of time or a strong aversion for shopping, we put the date off several times before finally giving up and our wardrobe remains in the same (disastrous) condition. To spare yourself the annoying shopping sessions and never-ending queues, Solendro selected for you five men’s fashion websites to discover absolutely.

#1: River Island

River Island

This website is intended for all members of the family and regularly offers new items and promotional offers to buy the latest trends at the best possible price.

#2: JackThreads


Only directed at men and designed especially for them, this website offers promotional offers every day, has its own app (which is very easy to use) and enable each one of you to ask questions to a professional stylist. What more could you ask for?

#3: Jimmy Jazz

jimmy jazz

Rather addressed to those of you who are looking for a West Coast and relatively exuberant look, Jimmy Jazz offers a great variety of urban clothes and accessories at an affordable price and jeans with uncommon colours.

#4: Topman


Whatever your style and the type of clothes you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find what you need at Topman. From the rather classic pieces to the latest trends, this website presents numerous brands to satisfy everyone.

#5: Asos


Known to be ahead of time in terms of style, ASOS is THE website to visit if you love being at the cutting-edge of fashion (and even a little bit early). Generally offered at affordable prices, clothes and accessories sold on ASOS will ravish your inner trend hunter.

For all your undergarments, only one website: Solendro.com!


Until very recently, men and women who bought undergarments for their partners favoured briefs, often black, and without any pattern. However, times are changing and men are getting more and more involved in the choice of their undergarments, which have become genuine fashion accessories. They allocate a bigger budget to it and colour is now very popular.

Boxer briefs with fancy patterns have grown in popularity, as proven by the resounding success of brands such as Pull In and Björn Borg.

Moreover, fashion designers have initiated a deep change during the last 5 years and ready-to-wear clothing brands stepped into the breach and now display bright colours and big logos. It is the case of the brand Armani for example, which managed to transform its logo into a symbol of manliness, mostly because of its advertising campaigns featuring David Beckham.

Since then, the offer has changed and recentred on style. Materials are more sophisticated and brands are more concerned about the image they spread through their underwear collections. For example, Diesel worked with Lady Gaga’s and Vogue former designer, Nicola Formichetti, for one of its collections, displaying fancy patterns while being deep-rooted in the history of the brand.

Even designers who like sobriety begin to create colourful undergarments, especially with bright-coloured waistbands.

Here are a few examples of the latest trends:

Stonemen boxer briefs have reached the very top of originality in underwear and transform your undergarments into pictures.


The famous brand Pull In reinvented a collection with comics.

Pull In

Coup de Cœur and its relaxed boxer shorts: to feel good at home as well as in your everyday life.

Coup de Coeur


According to our mood, and often unintentionally, we vary the colours of our undergarments.

Solendro.com deciphered for you the hidden sense of these tone variations and explains the symbolism attached to each one of them.


Brown is associated with many things that surround us: earth, fauna, flora… It is a neutral colour, neither sad nor joyful, that creates a soft, reassuring and wellness atmosphere. This colour is synonymous with softness as well as stability.

However, it is also associated with degradation, and even death, when it is the dominant colour and immediately makes us think about autumn and brown leaves. Brown is a colour you will never get tired of and which can be easily matched with almost all colours since it is composed of the three primary colours. Why wouldn’t you wear brown boxer briefs to spend a relaxing evening at home?


Associated with marriage, innocence and perfection for centuries, white is undoubtedly the favourite colour of the general public.

Obtained by the combination of all colours, white is the symbol of union, but can also represent the vacuum and absence when alone. In Asian culture, white is the colour of mourning, the transition into a new world that is synonymous with rebirth and purity. Generally presented as a positive colour, as opposed to black, white is said to be the colour of brightness, knowledge and sun.

White can be matched with all colours and can even be used to bring out other colours.


Black is not a colour strictly speaking, but rather the absence of colour. Absorbing and intriguing, black represents the unknown, mystery and even the occult and death. In Western countries, black is the traditional colour of mourning but can also represent sadness, fear, bad luck and despair. However, black is also an unavoidable colour in fashion and is synonymous of authority, wealth, elegance and simplicity.

Gentlemen don’t go without this colour in the most courteous and refines seduction games. Just like white, black can be matched with all colours. A must-have in all wardrobes.

Don’t wait longer and come discover all these colours on Solendro.com!


Maybe his name doesn’t sound familiar to you, but his body has been on the front page of the biggest men’s fashion magazines. Who is David James Gandy, this model with a very athletic body whom everyone is talking about? Model for the biggest brands and battle-hardened business man, he climbed the ladder to become the best-paid male model in the world.

Everything began in 2001, as his housemate registered him for The Morning Show. He was only 21 at that time and won the competition as well as a contract with the London modelling agency Select Model Management. Then, he encountered immediate success! After Zara, Hugo Boss and H&M (enough for David Beckham to be worried), he paraded for the first time in 2006 for Dolce & Gabbana, before becoming the face… and the body of the brand.


Underwear brands select their models carefully since successful models are now also business savvy. This businessman has even designed a range of products for Mark & Spencer: “Taking part in a project with Mark & Spencer was perfect for me. I had the opportunity to work with them on various projects before so it was logical to work together on my own range of products!”

Indeed, David Gandy’s style has found its fans: a combination of an extremely elegant vintage style and a masculine touch, chic and very assertive. Let’s be honest, according to David Gandy, “a man is a bulky guy with charism, just like Paul Newman before and David Beckham nowadays”. Thus, to be elegant in all circumstances, Solendro selected for you a few ideal undergarments. You, too, adopt David Gandy’s style!


Since elegance can be synonymous with comfort, these Dagobear boxer shorts with an American cut and a very refined style will provide you a hint of class and optimum comfort in all your movements.


These white briefs, a classic item of the brand Dolce & Gabbana which was worn by David Gandy during the underwear campaign of the brand, will perfectly hug your curves. Shaping and elegant, they will bring you the signature style of the brand.

Les Insurgés

These long boxer briefs by Les Insurgés will provide you optimum support thanks to their reinforced stitching. Their elastic waistband will enable them to perfectly adapt to your body to elegantly enhance your curves.


As summer has now ended and you are going back to work, and even though you promised to watch your weight and work out during holidays, you want to rapidly get rid of ungracious bulges around your waist in order to be able to wear your brand new suit.

Slimming boxer briefs may be the solution for you! Solendro selected for you Sloggi and Mariner slimming boxer briefs that will give you a perfect body.

For example, these Sculpture boxer briefs by Sloggi  will make you look “one size slimmer”! Not negligible.

Sloggi slimming boxer briefs:


Mariner slimming boxer briefs:


In fact, the slimming fabric is made from a big proportion of Lycra. The arrival and the multiplication of these slimming boxer briefs on the market have proven that men are as sensible as women to undergarments that can make their bodies more beautiful.

Since the sales are growing, results seems to be satisfying and convincing.

Put on slimming boxer briefs, a shirt or a t-shirt on top of it and you will see the difference immediately.

Find all our slimming boxer briefs on Solendro.com and don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 44 54 99 59 if you need further information.


When speaking about manufacturing men’s underwear, the first material coming to our minds is inevitably cotton and its by-products (stretch cotton and so on). But cotton is not the only existing material. Thus, Solendro.com wants to make you discover the other materials that are often used to manufacture men’s undergarments.


Undergarments made from viscose have a silky finish. This material gives a fluid aspect to men’s underwear and makes them fit perfectly, providing optimum comfort to the wearer. One of the main advantages of viscose undergarments is their ability to absorb humidity faster than cotton ones.


Impetus viscose boxer briefs


Men’s undergarments made from 100 % polyester are rather rare since polyester is often combined with other materials. We thus can find products made from polyester and cotton or polyester and wool, for optimum comfort and easier maintenance.

The advantages of undergarments made from polyester is that they are very resistant to rubbing caused by movements and washings. Moreover, polyester enables men’s undergarments to be elastic and to come back to their original shape after stretching, making them crease-resistant.


Polyamides are fabrics made from synthetic materials and are often used to manufacture men’s undergarments.

The most common type of polyamide is nylon, a flexible, elasticated, silky and soft material that has the big advantage of being waterproof. Men’s undergarments made from it resist to rubbing, making the maintenance of this type of underwear very easy.

Solendro’s trick: Avoid putting your polyamide undergarments in the dryer because this material is very sensitive to heat.


Hom boxer briefs made from polyamide


The biggest brands of men’s underwear use modal to manufacture their undergarments. Modal is a material that enables men’s underwear to be breathable and enables a better evaporation of humidity, for a light and comfortable-to-wear product.


Undergarments made from microfibre provide optimum comfort.

Microfibre is often used to manufacture sport undergarments because it lets perspiration evaporate when you work out. And nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling humidity in men’s undergarments. Materials made from microfibre are more breathable than classic ones, thus naturally protecting your skin. Moreover, men’s underwear made from microfibre are very resistant to heat and can thus be tumble dried.


Calvin Klein polyamide boxer briefs


Undergarments made from Lycra are really flexible but don’t stretch and go back to their original shape. Forget about clothes losing their shape after a few washings! This material is also crease-resistant and has a silky touch. Underwear made from Lycra is currently really trendy on the market of men’s undergarments.

Pull In

Pull In boxer briefs made from Lycra


Bamboo is still rarely used to manufacture men’s undergarments even though it makes them unbelievably soft and resistant. Bamboo is the ideal material if you are looking for a second skin sensation.


Mariner bamboo boxer briefs

Don’t wait longer and come discover all these materials on Solendro.com!


Like every year in September, ads singing the praises of sport are currently flourishing everywhere. Determined to start a sport activity to get rid of your summer excesses, you don’t know which one to choose and you felt tired (not to say exhausted) by merely watching the athletes running during the World Championship in Beijing as you were comfortably sitting in your sofa. Thus, Solendro selected for you 5 activities to try this autumn.

#5: Combat sports

Between 500 and 700 kcal burnt per hour according to the sport you will choose. This kind of sports will enable you to exert yourself and to sculpt your body without even thinking about it and to release the tensions and frustrations of a long day at work. Only problem: since this activity is practised in a club, you will have to adapt your schedule according to the classes.

#4: Swimming

Between 450 and 600 kcal burnt per hour for breaststroke. Despite the fact that going into the water that is always too cold generally is a genuine ordeal, you will never be quiet and you will have to share your water line with other people, all this while swallowing chlorine. For the most audacious among you then.

#3: Rollerskating

Between 400 and 600 kcal burnt per hour. Rollerskating is a good way to develop muscle in your legs, but also your abs and arms while having fun. And even when we look hard, we can’t really find any downside to this sport.

#2: Tennis

Between 400 and 500 kcal burnt per hour. Only inconvenience: to play tennis, you have to be at least two, which means that you will have to motivate somebody else to go out from their sofa and it will certainly be no easy task.

#1: Cycling

Between 350 and 500 kcal burnt per hour. This very complete sport can be practised inside as well as outside and will enable you to develop muscle in your legs and core, providing that you accept wearing (far too) body-hugging shorts and have enough space to store a bike at home.

In order to be sure to have appropriate undergarments to work out, don’t hesitate to come discover our sport range on Solendro.com. You will inevitably find the perfect undergarments among the various cuts and innovative materials especially designed to provide optimum support and comfort without forgetting freedom of movement.