The Beckham era will soon come to an end…



If we talk about David Beckham, everybody thinks about his football career, his famous wife Victoria, and his cute little family… But one also thinks about him in underwear.

Indeed, who could have forgotten the H&M advertisements on which the British sportsman was posing wearing nothing but briefs, boxer shorts or more recently, bathing suits? Besides his former collaboration with Armani, Beckham had also worked many times with the Swedish brand, for ladies’ greatest delight…

But the former Manchester United player recently made a revelation about these collaborations and advertisements: he admitted that he was thinking about hanging up his brief. “I am now 39 and I don’t think that people will want to see me half-naked for a long time.” This decision will probably not be approved by everyone… don’t you think so, ladies?


Anyways, even if the Beckham era is about to end, this doesn’t mean that trendy, elegant and affordable underwear will disappear! Solendro is still offering you more than 800 references among which you will probably find what you need. We prepare you a small selection to prove it, which will probably make you forget about David Beckham… let’s go!



These Calvin Klein Trunks will fit you perfectly while reminding
you of New York’s charm and elegance !


These Dolce & Gabbana briefs are simple, elegant, chic while
still being extremely comfortable.


Ralph Lauren’s boxer shorts will offer you a classic-chic style mixed with elegance, allowing
you to feel comfortable and attractive at once.

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