Every anatomy can find suitable underwear!

Have you heard about the controversial concerning Jon Hamm’s anatomy?

Here’s the story: some have beautiful eyes, others have a fit silhouette, and others have a pleasing

anatomy, which is Jon Hamm’s case.

He was so much gifted by nature that on the series set, his mates would keep talking about it,

especially because of the outfits he had to wear: that is to say tight pants, synthetic materials… which

didn’t help hiding his manhood.

The media didn’t let go of this story, and fed the controversial through articles but also a blog for

more than two years, which pays tribute to the actor’s strength of character but especially points out

his pleasing anatomy by releasing pictures of him –whether they are official or not.

The actor confessed to a newspaper and admitted he was tired of this situation.

This story didn’t escape from the marketing service of two American underwear brands that offered

the actor to provide him with underwear that fit his anatomy for life.

Solendro also adapts to its customers and offers you a wide range of underwear that can fit all of


Are you rather sporty?

Then why not treat yourself to this pack of three pairs of black boxer shorts by the brand Calvin


Their elastic waistband and the lined front pouch will bring you comfort and good support. Each pair

of boxer shorts adapts perfectly to the body.

Pack of three pairs of boxer shorts by the brand Calvin Klein

Do you want to hide some unflattering love handles?

Then try these black slimming boxer shorts by the brand Sloggi! They will give you a fit silhouette

with an optimal support and a strong shaping effect.

Slimming boxer shorts by the brand Sloggi

Are you looking for comfort and optimal support?

We propose you these briefs by the brand Sloggi, their elastic waistband and the front lining will give

you the best support.

Their material guarantees a great comfort.

Briefs by the brand Sloggi

Don’t wait any longer and check out Solendro.com to find the undergarments that suit you!

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