What kind of underwear is favoured in every European country? A survey about the Internet users’ searches for men’s underwear was recently carried out by Twenga in several European countries, and the results are quite surprising.

In France, the great classics linger: trunks and briefs remain our favourite undergarments. A small surprise appears in the list, though: thongs are becoming more and more popular, reaching the third rank, which makes them and briefs almost even.

But unlike what you may think, these preferences are not the same all over Europe! Let’s have a closer look to the highest ranked undergarments of our European neighbours…

For example, our dear Spanish and Italian neighbours have a different conception of underwear: V-strings and briefs are their favourite undergarments.

As for boxer shorts, they topped the ranking in the coldest European countries, that is to say in Poland and Sweden.

And finally, the undergarments that experienced the most significant growth in terms of popularity are… thongs! They are ranked in the top 3 of all European countries except Spain and the UK.

As you probably understood, whether it is on national or European scale, men’s tastes vary a lot when it comes to underwear. As we want to reflect this diversity, Solendro keeps enriching its catalogue to meet everyone’s needs. On our website, there is something for every taste, age and budget! If you are not convinced, then have a look to the selection below, you will be surprised…


These classic navy boxer shorts by the brand Lotto. Thanks to their strong elasticity, these boxer shorts will offer you a great freedom of movement. They even have a bonus: their price! 6€ for a sporty and sexy look, what more could you ask for?


These white briefs by the brand Mariner. Their high-rise design and elastic waistband will give you a great support, topped by an optimal comfort. What could we say about their style? Thanks to their vintage and old school side, they are extremely trendy!


These navy trunks by the brand Ralph Lauren. Classic and elegant at the same time, this comfortable piece was made for you! Do not hesitate to treat yourself, none will blame you!

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