This week, I’ve felt like a musician, I’ve been wanting to dance in the street, to come to my friends’

place with a good playlist to play while we drink, something that would make the sun want to push

the clouds away to let its beams warm us up again.

So, I decided to share this with you and to list my top five music releases for the month of April.

1/ CITIZENS!  – Waiting for your lover – Album: European Soul

“Child of the pop music, Citizens! Was conquering nightclubs again with Lighten Up, a foretaste of an

album released this spring, which follows the incredible dance machine Here We Are (2012). With

“Waiting for your lover”, they prepared a pop music full of simplicity and precision that makes legs

bounce and hearts hammer: this is a recipe whose secret can be summed up in one word only:

talent.” (Dominique Keller)

2/ HINDI ZARHA – Any Story – Album: Homeland

“Between desert blues, folk ballades and urban jazz, Hindi Zahra and her voice that has no other

boundaries than softness vibrate a repertoire that owes everything to the young Berber-French

singer’s Oriental heritage as well as her taste for discovery. After being crowned in 2010 with

Handmade (and Beautiful Tango), the beauty adds a new stop to her repertoire (Any Story, 06/04),

which bounds her native Morocco to South America by the most sensual and languorous

nostalgia.”(Dominique Keller)

3/ MARTIN GORE – Europa Hymn – Album: MG

Martin Gore is none other than the co-founder of the band Dépêche Mode. This second solo album is

made up of 16 entirely instrumental songs, which he describes as an “electro” and

“cinematographic” work.

4/ THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted – Album: « Born in the Echoes »


“We have worked with vocal guests, but it doesn’t prevent the new album from being true Chemical

Brothers. This album’s main characteristic is that it bounds us in an emotional way. We aspire to find

a new way of passing on the emotions. We dream of new sounds and new surroundings.”

5/ HONNE- Coastal Love

The London duet HONNE as just released the music video of its funky song “Coastal Love”, which

stages the secret sale of a futuristic animal with psychotropic effects. “Inspired by our own

experience, “Coastal Love” is the product of a long distance relationship, the duet confessed to the

magazine Fader. We wanted to explore the positive aspects rather than focusing on the negative

ones. We are very happy to share this video: we love the fact that it carries in an unconventional

journey, all while remaining faithful to the song and what it means.” (Charles Binick)

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