Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone or Hugh Jackman only swear by Swiss quality! Indeed, they all wear Zimmerli underwear. This Swiss company has made high end underwear for more than a century. Between Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Will Smith… Hollywood stars seem to be the brand’s best customers.

If undergarments are now the key to success for this Swiss underwear company, the factory itself is more than a hundred years old. Pauline Zimmerli, a manual work teacher, opened a high end socks facility in 1871. After the demand kept growing and the equipment got constantly modernised, Pauline Zimmerli’s sons took over the family business by specialising in men’s and children’s undergarments, which are always handmade!

Zimmerli workshop based in Ticino

The brand’s watchword has always been “Quality”! For example, they use fabrics as fine as Sea Island cotton, the finest and most expensive in the world. This one feels like cashmere. A shirt made from this material costs 130€ and a pair of briefs, 80€. These pieces also have a precise and extremely fine finish! The women’s undergarments edges are made from lace and men’s undershirts have to be perfectly sewn!

In “Wolverine”, Hugh Jackman was wearing Swiss underwear

If you are a comfort lover and that quality is essential for you: here is a selection of underwear that Solendro prepared especially for you!


The 100% cotton material of this Tommy Hilfiger pack will offer you an incredible comfort. Their lined pouch and their topstitching will give you support and comfort.

This pair of Dolce & Gabbana will be ideal for you if you like being at your ease. Thanks to its perfect fit and its elastic waistband, you will enjoy an optimal comfort.


If you are rather a boxer shorts lover, you will enjoy the softness of this Ralph Lauren undergarment, made from 100% cotton. A safe bet in any occasion.

Check out Solendro.co.uk!

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