Football players, as absolute fashion icons, regularly lend their fame and bodies to clothing brands for advertising campaigns.

Solendro offers a quick overview of the most beautiful – as well as the most ridiculous! – pictures of these players in underwear.

The sexy Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic Freddy Ljungberg

underwear 1

The former Arsenal player, who was also elected “the most elegant man in Sweden” in 2002, regularly posed for the clothing brand Calvin Klein.

A message of hope for all the men suffering from baldness.

The Italian boys band La Squadra Azzurra

Underwear 2

After the rugby players from the Italian national team, it is the turn of the Squadra Azzurra players to pose for the famous brand Dolce & Gabbana, for a changing-room atmosphere.

The unavoidable David Beckham

underwear 3

David Beckham, the global superstar who was ennobled by the Queen of England and is married to the former Spice-Girl Victoria Beckham, is the ambassador of the top international brands of underwear and clothing. After posing for Armani, he now works with H&M.

A strong argument to reconcile women with football.

The French women’s object of fantasy Yoann Gourcuff


Here is a little gift for you, ladies: a picture of Yoann Gourcuff in briefs, casually walking  around half-naked on the field after a football match – even though he doesn’t pose for a specific brand.

Unfortunately, there is a rumour going round saying that he is gay.

Garden gnome bonus Mathieu Valbuena


Even though he is relatively short and not really glamourous, Mathieu Valbuena is nevertheless the ambassador of Khamo, a brand of men’s underwear.

At first glance, we may think that the marketing managers who chose him to represent their brand had not only smoked tobacco.

In fact, the reason for such a choice is very simple: Khamo is a brand which was launched by Mathieu Valbuena himself!

We let you admire this.

NB: For obvious reasons, these “very stylish” products are not available at Thank you for your understanding.

Spanish Style Bonus Xavi Hernandez


The FC Barcelona midfielder – who is also considered a real living god in Spain – had the good idea to post a picture of him and André Iniesta in the changing-rooms of the team on Facebook.

You are right, wearing briefs.

The perfect way to shoot yourself in the foot.

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