In the series of philosophical issues of the month, we find ourselves at the very heart of the matrix. The sentinels are looking for the Nebuchadnezzar and we are running out of time. And, if there would be one last doubt to be removed it would be this one: can we take the liberty of doing anything in 2015?

You already know that, at Solendro, we take to heart to modernize the image of underwear. At least, we try to speak about it casually and humorously and, when possible, we add a touch of originality and there is clearly a challenge there. After all, – almost – everybody wears underwear. By all appearances, underwear is an everyday object. Having said that, some models are worth it. The – ambitious – mission we have been given by the direction is to speak about underwear in some other way. The instructions were very precise from the beginning: put them on the table. I assumed they were speaking about our imagination and creativity. We have no other choice but to applaud the clever use of this pronoun.

As I was actively looking for inspiration to write this article, our excellent – and inimitable – developer threw a well-garnished hook at me and, of course, I bit it. That is how I discovered Can’t help myself, a music video by Brodinski ft. SD. The title was a good omen and it put me in a good mood.

I put my glasses on and shove my earphones in my ears. We find ourselves in a tunnel. Graphics are interesting, the director chose to use various fonts and his signature turns on the power: “Directed by Megaforce”. On its own, this name is epic. At the same time, I discover Megaforce, totally unknown until now. And they are not newbies.

Let’s speak about the video itself. One thing is certain: we are not disappointed. Nothing is missing to create the perfect mystical atmosphere. Different life sequences come one after another, linked by the main character running in white and blue plaid boxer shorts. In fact, in this extremely off-the-wall short film, the character wearing boxer shorts is only a piece of the puzzle. We wonder what he is doing here, while asking ourselves on the overall meaning of this music video – as well as the one of this article. You are wondering why you keep on reading it. How did you even come to the point that you read the previous sentence? Whatever, the crux is that you cleared your mind.

Thus, wearing boxer shorts in a music video is possible, but be careful about the boomerang effect. Throwing a boomerang is one thing, catching it again is another. Notice to clumsy ones.


What did you think about this music video by Brodinski?


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