Nowadays, finding a job or even an internship is more and more difficult. To cope with this problem, you have to make a difference with the other candidates and stand out, as many people have already understood.

When you want to apply for a position in a communication and/or advertising agency, you have to mark the occasion even more and know how to stay in employers’ minds. And it all begins with the CV, in which you have to be original and show your innovative spirit.

But how far can we go? Some people are ready to do anything to get hired, but maybe it is better to know your limits. Anyway, the French communication agency Verywell received letters from candidates a bit too cheeky – and you can say that again.

Originality is a make or break. Last summer, a very original and successful CV was presented as a jar of jam positively impressed the agency. But recently, the agency based in Toulouse was surprised in a completely different way. They received another CV that puzzled them: an application in the form of briefs! Wrapped in a plastic bag on which the slogan “Sometimes you have to be cheeky in life!!!” was written, the candidate had written the cover letter directly on the white fabric of the underwear. Of course, you need to know how to differentiate yourself, but not to the point of losing your credibility. Indeed, the originality of this very cheeky application is excessive. You have to keep in mind that the main objective of an application is to value yourself and it is obviously not with briefs as writing material that this candidate would achieve that.

Maybe the main problem comes from the chosen briefs that weren’t appropriate? In response, we selected for you a few underwear from Solendro that would have win unanimous support, even from the employers:boxers1

This three-pack boxer briefs by Emporio Armani offer an elegant, nearly vintage style, with their two-button flies. You can use one of them to apply for an application, it will undoubtedly be appreciated.


If the candidate had used these Dolce&Gabbana white briefs, he would have been considered more sexy than ridiculous! Indeed, the elegance of this model pleases women just as much as men. However, you will most likely prefer keeping it for yourself rather than giving it to an employer.


This three-pack white cotton boxer briefs, rather simple and classical, are available in different waistband colors, and maybe they would have been more appealing to the agency. The main advantage is that you can keep two of them for yourself.

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