Spring is here and it is the ideal time of the year to get rid of the weight you put on during winter before summer comes. Of course, some of you will –rightly– plan to start exercising. As for me, I decided to talk to you about men’s underwear that slims the silhouette and helps conceal love handles. But first, I would like to point out that slimming boxer briefs are, contrary to common beliefs, rather comfortable and totally invisible under your clothes.

Men’s slimming underwear can be difficult to find and that’s why I would advise you to go visit Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, where you will find a rather wide range of affordable models. sloggi noir

Sloggi revolutionnary slimming boxer briefs

The very innovative German brand Sloggi presents a model which has become an absolute classic in its category. Sculpture X boxer briefs by Sloggi revolutionised men’s shapewear with their plain and modern design. You can find them on Solendro for £33.23

sloggi blanc

For those who want to look slimmer and wear light-coloured trousers, don’t worry, this model also exists in white.

To find more models and maybe renew your regular underwear, come see our collections on Solendro!

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