At the beginning of this new millennium, white socks are losing popularity and are – fortunately – gradually disappearing from our everyday lives.

You may think that it’s merely a question of good taste. In fact, over time, white socks have lost popularity to the point that nowadays nobody can wear them except to play tennis (they are even compulsory at Wimbledon) or practice a sport in general.

However, it wasn’t always the case. During the 50s, these socks were the ultimate chic. The most popular trend was to wear Weejuns loafers with a pair of “Adler” white socks – which cost $1 at that time. A music band, The Denims, even created a song in their honour: The Adler Socks. Since then, Adler went bankrupt and the trend they created disappeared with them.

Let’s give way to les Chaussettes Noires (The Black Socks), the former group of Eddie Mitchell, that are ultimately far more rock’n’roll than The Denims and are acceptable on any occasion.


Puma White socks

Here is the perfect example of socks that you can only wear to do sports but that will have an effect on London lawns or to go jogging on Sundays. So, if you don’t usually exercise, please go on your way.


Achile socks

The vintage style of these Achile Guitare socks will make you want to sing all day long and enable your inner rock star to express itself.


Falke Black socks

These Falke black socks are classical and plain, ideal for the everyday life.

Do not wait any longer and come visit Solendro to renew your socks!

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