Long boxer briefs are undergarments that go down to mid-thigh or even cover them entirely. They are mostly used to avoid rubbing at the groin and at the beginning of the thighs. They also keep you warm and work as a second skin in winter. They can also have a slimming effect on your thighs. Here is a few selection of long boxer briefs that you will find on Solendro.


Sebastien by Diesel

eden park

Rugby Legend by Eden Park


CK One by Calvin Klein

Short boxer briefs are the most common ones. In general, they are more colorful, have more patterns, and aim at being visible, contrary to long boxer briefs which main goals are comfort and utility. These boxer briefs are nevertheless very comfortable and can be worn on every occasion. Their look plays a much more important role during seduction games and their more original and off-the-wall patterns spice your life up a little bit. Here are a few examples that you will also find on Solendro.

pull in

Pull In


Horses by Stonemen


Gilbert trunks by Tommy Hilfiger

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