Warning: you are about to read an off-the-wall article and should be advised to take it humourously.

Today at Solendro, we decided to match a few pairs of men’s underwear with personalities.


The sporty man is perfectly represented by the magnificent Puma mottled grey boxer briefs with black borders. These skin-tight undergarments enhance your muscular body and make you look like a Greek god.

Fun and energetic men will love wearing Kaporal boxer briefs under their jeans. These undergarments are both fun and energetic and display colourful patterns on really trendy models.

Who among you would have thought about wearing skulls on their undergarments? Calvin Klein successfully created a both original and very modern pair of men’s underwear to make you want to take the plunge.

One thing is for sure, Coup de Cœur bears its name well. This brand is the ultimate favourite of fathers, cocooning-loving men and romantics who have the heart of a child. Come discover or rediscover this collection quickly, ladies will greatly appreciate it. And you can wear it even though it is not Valentine’s Day.


Chequered boxer shorts are the ABC of classical boxer shorts. Of course, we could also have talked about stripes. Arthur, which is specialised in classical boxer shorts, adds a modern touch to this type of underwear. To create this model, the brand mixed a striped waistband and a chequered fabric, while using the classical colours and cut of men’s underwear.

Halfway between boxer shorts and boxer briefs, these plain and chic pieces of underwear are a concept created by M. Moore. With their simple colours and elegant cut, these slim-fitted undergarments offer a sensation of pure liberty.

As you probably already know, the current trend is far from being at the cutting-edge of technology and when we speak about modernity in multimedia, the first company we can think about is the apple-brand. The trendy and colourful brand Pull-In, with its unique patterns and bright colours, is the reference in terms of actual trends in underwear and successfully made a reference to this famous brand.

Don’t hesitate any longer and come discover your favorite underwear on Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear.

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