Is the scent of your underwear important for you?

Patrice Sheikboudhou considered it was essential. He then launched his own collection of scented boxer briefs, called Boxair, which makes you feel fresh at any time of the day. According to the designer, “The top note is composed of violet and rosemary essences, and white musk is used as bottom note, for the sensual side. However, If you simply take the product in your hands, you will not smell it. The scent is not very strong but rather refreshing”.

He even compares his products to deodorant, and they could enable to avoid bad smells. As they discovered these revolutionary products, some even thought: “this way, I don’t need to shower every day”. No, Phillippe insists on the fact that it is absolutely not a reason to avoid daily wash. These products only enable us to permanently keep fresh.

What do you think about it? Would you be ready to invest £30 to 50 in scented boxer briefs?

Faced with this concept, Solendro offers a selection of non-scented boxer briefs, which aesthetics should please you – and bad smell shouldn’t be a problem if you wash them every day:


These long boxer briefs by Eden Park are at the same time classical and sexy. The slim and discreet waistband and the black and white chequered pattern will definitely make you elegant.


These short boxer briefs by Ralph Lauren will surely appeal to you! The waistband of this mottled grey piece of underwear displays the brand name and the signature logo is embroidered on the left thigh. All you need to be chic while keeping it simple.


These Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Short, classical and close-fitting, it will perfectly hug your body, while giving you New-York elegance with its golden waistband that refers to the American success.

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