In Arras, in the North of France, happened a strange robbery. Two hooded individuals barged in one of the city’s minimarkets and threatened the store workers with a cosh and a knife before stealing £1,200 from the till. After that, they fled the scene on foot, but not for long. Twenty minutes later, thanks to the description of the store’s owner, the two robbers were arrested by the police and remanded in custody.

What did they do with their loot? Had they have time to hide it? Imagine that the two robbers had found a rather original hiding place for the money: one of them had put it in his boxer shorts!

Yes, you read it right, in his boxer shorts. There is no doubt they were quite full when the two robbers left the minimarket.

How would you have acted if you were one of the robbers? Would you have preferred a more classical hiding place such as a bag or directly put the money in you boxer shorts?

In any event, this robbery is the occasion for us to highlight one thing: underwear plays an essential role! Support, comfort, aesthetics, purse, what else?

By the way, Solendro prepared a little selection of boxer shorts that will surely appeal to you.

Boxer shorts will become your best friends, even though they will probably not be as full as those of the robber.


These Arthur boxer shorts will bring you both comfort and elegance. The little extra? At first sight rather classical with its thin and discreet waistband, the little white polka dots bring nevertheless a non-negligible original touch.


These other boxer shorts by the French brand Arthur have discreet inner support and two buttons at the waistband. This fine and light undergarment will surely appeal to you: comfort, freedom of movement, both original and elegant look… An incomparable model.


Finally, these Achile boxer shorts will give you a great freedom of movement and optimum comfort as well as a fun and vintage look. If you are planning to escape in a car after a robbery, these boxer shorts are made for you.

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