In Versailles, Louis XIV had the best craftsmen in France create his short-trousers. They were majestic, puffed-out at the waist and fastened at the calves and, at that time, it was the height of aesthetics. However, this illustrious monarch wasn’t a visionary. Indeed, there was a wound on his royal bottom that extended and became infected because of the rubbing of his short-trousers. That is the reason why the official surgeon was called to do the “Big Surgery” that was much talked about at that time.

After long hours of uncertainty, the Frenchman J.B Lully composed “Dieu sauve le Roy” (God save the King) to celebrate the recovery of the Sun King. However, as the festivities were getting organised and many people were singing, an Englishman passing through France decided to export this song, that later became the British anthem: “God save the Queen”. True Story.

Despite this misfortune that happened more than 300 years ago, French boxer shorts remain references in comfort and aesthetics. Here is a little selection:

arthur caleçon à carreaux

Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts

These Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts perfectly illustrate the encounter between beauty and the much sought-after freedom of movement. The chequered pattern give them a touch of British elegance. They also have cotton inner support and are made in 100% cotton.

mariner carreaux rouges

Mariner red chequered boxer shorts

Mariner French cut boxer shorts with elastic waistband. Made from 100% cotton, these boxer shorts offer optimum comfort and a great freedom of movement. These red chequered boxer shorts have a simple and elegant style that is perfect for every occasion.

caleçon Arthur à rayures

Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts

These Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts have discreet inner support and are made from 100% cotton. These fine and very light undergarments are not too tight and offer great comfort for a both original and elegant look.

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