We are fed up with everyday boxer briefs, boyshorts, briefs and boxer shorts, aren’t you? Yet, besides materials, colours and patterns, what innovations can we make in this field? Of course, we can always find naughty or sexy briefs or undergarments, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea, in particular when it comes to briefs with animal patterns, boxer briefs with dirty patterns or even thongs. Here is a selection of undergarments that we find interesting.

First, let’s talk about these trunks like no others: you have always dreamt of having a small pocket for your iPod on your boxer briefs? Dream no more! You can now buy the iBoxer briefs. Their usefulness? We are still doubting about it, but we nevertheless salute their originality.

i Boxer briefs

Discover a natural stress-relieving method with these Eminence boxer briefs. At first sight, there is nothing extraordinary (except for the soothing chocolate colour), but these boxer briefs are made from carbon threads, a material that is far more antistatic than cotton and thus brings a stress-relieving effect. You need to stay calm? A Zen mind in Zen boxer briefs.

Eminence zen

You don’t want to wear a sexy thong for Valentine’s Day? Euphorisant Millesia boxer briefs – yes, “euphorisant” means exhilarating in French –  were especially designed for sensual nights. Their particularity? These boxer briefs contain Muira-Puama, a plant from Guyana used as an aphrodisiac. When you rub yourself (against the bed, the chair, or whatever you want) these boxer briefs release invigorating molecules. A pair of underwear to absolutely try on!

Boxer euphorisant

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