Summer and heat are coming, but it is not an excuse to undress completely! You should be delighted: this summer, your undergarments will be admired because it is now trendy to wear boxer briefs under your boardshorts.

This trend comes directly from Australian surfers. Indeed, they often have to put on and take off their boardshorts in various locations. Whether it is on the beach, on a parking lot or in a bar, boxer briefs are very practical to change very simply. And once they are surfing, the boxer briefs prevent them from any wave taking away their boardshorts.

Let’s talk about style! The technique of wearing boxer briefs underneath bathing trunks appeals to more and more enthusiasts… of style. When brought tastefully, this little additional touch can make a big difference to young ladies. Thus, this didn’t escape the underwear brands that now design stylish boxer briefs with summer colours to have style in all circumstances.

To let trendy and colourful boxer briefs appear and enhance your body, boardshorts are to be worn low. Play with colours for a stylish beachwear or match your boxer briefs and boardshorts for more class. For you to have a trendy look at the beach, even underneath you swimsuit, Solendro compiled a little selection that won’t let ladies indifferent.


These white and blue striped Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, which elastic waistband will provide you support and comfort, will bring a class and masculine touch to your beachwear.


These Billabong boxer briefs with reinforced stitching and a lined front for better support will perfectly adapt to your movements in all circumstances and will give you a very sporty look.


These Stonemen boxer briefs with summer colours will enhance your curves and give you a trendy tropical look during this extremely hot time of the year.

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