As warmer weather approaches, we are looking for softness and maybe new underwear. Indeed, summer is coming along with sunny and warm days. Yet, sun comes with heat and heat is synonymous with relaxed outfits that let appear a great deal of skin. Yes, summer is this time of the year when the words “restraint”, “classical”, “inhibited” or even “shy” make themselves inconspicuous.

A period of silliness, trickery and endless drinking spree is waiting for you and it is the perfect occasion for you to relax, have fun and greatly enjoy this time of the year when souls wander and sheep move away from the herd.

To have all eyes turned towards you and live summer to the full, Solendro offers you its original collection.

spray can

First undergarments of our selection: the “Spray Can” boxer briefs by the very original brand Pull-In.


These very original Diesel boxer briefs will surely attract more than one. Yet, originality is not necessarily synonymous with bad quality, it is even quite the opposite: on Solendro, all products are of irreproachable quality.


The very young brand Dagobear designed these high-quality chequered turquoise boxer briefs to perfectly mingle in the scenery of sunny days. These light undergarments made from cotton will provide you all the comfort you need.


Finally, to end this prestigious selection, there are the “Strawberrys” boxer briefs, rather original, that will be well received by the most fanciful among yourselves. Their innovative material is made from a mix of polyester and lycra and their cut will provide you a great freedom of movement and optimum comfort.

For further information, fell free to contact us at +331., we will be glad to answer all your questions.

Come discover our summer selection on Solendro and take advantage of our best offers and our other products.

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