Summer heat is here! Unfortunately, we are not all lucky enough to be on a fine sandy beach wearing flip flops. Those who are at work suffer from this suffocating heat. As well as their feet. What is more unpleasant than sweating in your shoes, this moistness that makes you feel uncomfortable all day long. Even worse, the smell of your sweat escaping from your shoes can greatly bother your colleagues!

Fortunately, Solendro’s team is here to give you advice, even during this heat wave.

To prevent your colleagues from running away from you, follow Solendro tricks! First of all, you should absolutely avoid wearing certain materials. For example, all synthetic ones are definitely not suitable for summer. You should rather wear finer products made from cotton: 100% cotton socks are highly recommended.

Solendro selected for you a few products that will enable you to spend a cool summer in your shoes.

HOM Socks

smart stripes

HOM Smart Stripes lisle socks – £7.90

Doré Doré Socks


Doré Doré Multistripes lisle socks – £12.90

Doré Doré Socks

doré doré

Red short lisle socks – £10.90

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331. We will be glad to answer to all of your questions.

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