There are two different cuts of boxer shorts: the American cut and the French cut.

 “American cut” boxer shorts are undergarments that have a central back yoke and two lateral seams shaped like a V, which prevent the rubbing that a single seam at the intergluteal fold could cause. Moreover, the cut is looser to enhance the sensation of freedom. These boxer shorts are rather long, extend to mid-tight and are often made from cotton fabrics.

On the contrary, “French cut” boxer shorts are more close-fitting, more body-hugging and enhance men’s bodies. Comfort is reinforced and French cut is caught in between support and freedom of movement.

For history books, boxer shorts became very popular in 1985 with the Levi’s advertisement starring the famous Nick Kamen. It featured the young man undressing in a laundromat until he had nothing on but boxer shorts, waiting for his laundry to be done. A daring scene at the time but, even today, it retains all its charm.

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