If, like 57% men, you systematically put your mobile phone in your trousers pocket, these new boxer briefs are definitely made for you!

Many studies have shown the harmful effects of daily contact with electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. More particularly for men, among whom these effects include sleep disorders and impairments of fertility.

Joseph Perkins, a young British physicist thus designed the first anti-electromagnetic wave undergarments. The idea came to his mind when he realised the extremely high frequency of his daily exposure to electromagnetic radiations. You just need to have a mobile phone, work on a computer or be in an area covered by the Wi-Fi network!

boxer anti-ondes

This invention, which has been named “wireless armour”, is based on a radical technology: a thin layer of silver is slipped into the fibres of the undergarments to block all phone and Wi-Fi waves.

Undergarments with a future! Still in the development phase, the innovation is in collaborative financing stage on Indiegogo. Internet users who donated £12 or more during this pre-production stage will receive a Wireless Armour for free.

Enjoy the new anti-electromagnetic waves technology thanks to HOM Silver boxer briefs!


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