David Beckham loves underwear and underwear loves him back. In 2006, English tabloids revealed his monthly budget for underwear – £1,000 – one of his purchases – about 60 Calvin Klein Underwear (CKU) boxer briefs – and his habits regarding underwear: wearing two boxer briefs a day and throwing them away after the first use.

Backed by the huge success of the advertising campaign in which he appeared with his wife wearing CK Underwear boxer briefs in 2006, he has been frequently appealed to by the biggest brands of men’s underwear. After lending his image to Emporio Armani Underwear, the former Manchester United star decided to create his own underwear collection for H&M.

The goal is clear: “I want to become the new Calvin Klein for underwear”.

 “Obviously, I think there are good brands of underwear, but to me they are not the best and that is the reason why I wanted to create my own brand. I know what is comfortable and pleasing to the eye and I wanted to do something a bit different”, he said.

To give himself the means to fulfill his ambition, he didn’t hesitate to pose in boxer briefs in a TV advertising spot broadcast during the Super Bowl break as well as on posters covering entire faces of buildings. The complaints of his children – a bit embarrassed that their parents could be seen so easily in underwear – changed nothing. Apparently, business is business.

This big-budget campaign also caused controversy on the web (which has undoubtedly also pleased Beckham’s children): did David Beckham retouch the photos to bring out his manliness? Forced to respond to such a harsh attack, he declared:

 “I never ever padded my underwear, nor put socks in my pants. I never needed to do it during a photo shoot. By chance, I don’t need that. Ok, let’s say that I have been told that I don’t need help for that part. I think I am pretty well endowed”.

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