Dagobear, a trendy brand of men’s underwear with an offbeat communication.

If you want to get a taste of freedom of movement, don’t hesitate: Dagobear boxer shorts are the perfect case for your family jewels.

Dagobear is a young brand making boxer shorts and socks with an offbeat communication that offers men’s undergarments for trendy and relaxed men. Taking inspiration from lingerie to create men’s ensembles, Dagobear offers a coloured and refined range of boxer shorts and socks.

Dagobear, jeune et décontracté

Dagobear, a young and relaxed brand

Why was Dagobear created? Simply because undergarments are the first clothes to be put on in the morning and the last to be taken off in the evening and it is thus important to choose them wisely since they will follow you all day long.

These relaxed boxer shorts with pale colours are matched with socks to enable men to elegantly walk around in undergarments.

 Dagobear boxer shorts

Dagobear pink boxer shorts, £14.90 on Solendro

The history of the brand

At the beginning, Dagobear Paris-Shanghai is the story of two French entrepreneurs: Adrien and Alexis, who travelled a lot before eventually meeting in Shanghai and creating their own brand of underwear. Adrien known as “the French” is the alchemist of marketing and communication for the brand. Alexis, known as “the Chinese”, makes new collections come true and braves the time difference to make Dagobear grow. This brand also is an ecosystem of partners between France and China.

If you are looking for a gift idea, Dagobear also offers original gift packs with socks and boxer shorts.

Dagobear gift packs

Dagobear gift packs

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