Long live geeks! It sounds like the last sentence of a speech held during an electoral meeting. You know, the sentence that gives the starting signal for God Save the Queen, specially remixed for the occasion. However, after careful consideration, I finally decided not to run for the pirate party in the cantonal election.

I simply would like to deliver a message of love and peace. Yes, geeks are loveable creatures and yes, we appreciate them despite their flaws. They are members of an odd species, that’s for sure. And if I should compare them to an animal, I would say that they are raccoons.

Raccoons typically have an unusual physique, halfway between spellbinding pure style and repulsive scruff. As a consequence, you end up not knowing exactly where you stand.

Apparently, the main characteristic of raccoons is that they clean all the food they eat. Even though this habit is more or less proven, it establishes a routine which can’t be departed from. Geeks also have their habits. They have more or less surprising rituals and even more or less understandable psycho-rigid tendencies. But, after all, who doesn’t?

The best part of raccoons, their high point, is that they are omnivorous. In other words, contrary to clichés, geeks are open-minded animals who are interested in multiple things and not only to three things – video games, manga and naughty websites full of Asian women. As surprising as it might seem, after spending 24 hours with a geek you will certainly have learnt something interesting.

One of my geek friends recently made me discover a rather funny series: Last week Tonight, broadcasted on HBO and available on YouTube ( In each episode, a topical subject is addressed in an investigative report mixed with a touch of humour. The latest season is being broadcasted since February 8th. For all those who haven’t heard about it and want to have confirmation that English can be a totally unintelligible language, take your mouse and embark for this unknown and fascinating universe!


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