After a surprising but blaring comeback in 2014, lose boxer shorts remain the smash hit of 2015, especially thanks to renewed patterns, innovative materials and inner support providing optimum comfort. The international lingerie exhibition took place in Paris on January 24th-26th. It is a key event for professionals in this sector as they come discover the new trends for the coming seasons. And this year, the season promised to be torrid for women and rather comfortable for men.

Indeed, boxer briefs are clearly losing in popularity and now account for 61.60% of the market, compared to 67% in 2012. Even though boxer briefs still broadly dominate the market, boxer shorts successfully came back and managed to reestablish themselves in this sector.

According to a survey, 45% of men sleep in underwear and 33% in their birthday suit, a good reason to wear beautiful boxer shorts that are undeniably more comfortable that boxer briefs! However, you should learn how to diversify your purchases.

It is a well-known fact that men tend to neglect the choice of their undergarments. In 2013, they had an average budget of 21 euros for their underwear (namely a decrease of 5% in value) against 131 euros on average for women. Moreover, most of the time, they let their partners buy their undergarments.

Now you have a good way to bring joy and fanciness in your relationship: impress your partner! Yes indeed, not only women can be sexy, and you should take the initiative of diversifying your wardrobe! Manly and sexy without showing too much, boxer shorts will follow trends while providing optimum comfort.

Professionals of this sector are rather confident about the men’s underwear market, since the latter showed that they made efforts: 55.2% of them bought their undergarments themselves in 2013, against only 53% in 2012. This growth is due to the new generations that increasingly take care of their look. This growth is even more pronounced among men, since their average budget is quickly reaching this of women. Diversify your intimate wardrobe and keep up on the latest trends with boxer shorts!

Come visit Solendro, you will find very trendy boxer shorts to be at the cutting-edge of 2015 fashion!

ralph lauren

These very colourful chequered Ralph Lauren boxer briefs will bring joy into your life!


Arthur boxer shorts with original patterns for an elegant and very trendy look.

Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco boxer shorts with more classical patterns, for a chic and trendy look.

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