Winter forces us to eat more in order to protect ourselves from the cold weather. However, summer and its rather demotivating heat waves does not encourage us to do more exercise to lose weight.

Now that it is time to think about your silhouette, we have a solution to slim it down: slimming underwear.

You will forget very quickly about your curves and your awful love handles and you will put on your most beautiful underwear. Slimming boxer briefs with shaping and slimming effect are the most requested since they are rather discreet and fit effortlessly under your clothes. Buy yourself slimming underwear to have a well-shaped silhouette without effort. Your skin-tight garments have many beautiful days ahead of them.


These boxer briefs by Sloggi made from cotton and elastane will shape your silhouette with its slimming waistband while the extra flat seams will provide you optimal comfort.

sloggi 2

This longer version, also by Sloggi, will reshape your butt, flatten your stomach and erase your love handles while remaining invisible under your clothes.

You can find all these products on Solendro, the online store for branded men’s underwear.

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