Do you remember the video entitled « First Kiss » released in March 2014 in which Tatia Pilieva asked total strangers to kiss for the first time in front of cameras? The director made the buzz and the lovely embarrassment and shy smiles of the candidates have since been seen more than 104 million times. A resounding success!

In July 2014, the director began again and released an other video entitled « Undress Me ». The concept is exactly the same: two strangers meet in the same room, man-woman, woman-woman, man-man and the objective is to observe their reactions when they find themselves wearing nothing but their underwear in front of each other for the first time. And the result is as moving and interesting than in the first video!

In fact, this video was made to promote the popular series “Master of Sex”, broadcasted since 2013 on Showtime. This publicity stunt was more than successful, since the video has now been seen more than 25 million times.

The series tells the true story of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two researchers specialised in the study of sexual behaviours in the 50s. A scandalous science at that time. Observing the reactions of two individuals getting undressed was part of the scientific tests carried out by these two researchers, which makes the video even more authentic.

Spoiler addicts: they are all wearing boxer briefs!

Whether you prefer boxer briefs, briefs or boxer shorts, chose your best undergarments for the occasion!

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