We have to admit it, Solendro’s blog is special. It is the blog of an online store for men’s underwear that has the luxury of (nearly) never speaking about men’s underwear. The project itself is very ambitious. Audacity, impertinence, mischief, clever bits and step-overs: all means are good to make a pirate ship sail completely freely. Sneaky strategies and specious arguments have to be used for each article to be validated by the editor in chief. You can’t even imagine how many feathers we lose! But since we are tough pirates, we stay on course, no matter what.

Nevertheless, after long days spent on sea, it is time to restock at the port. For once, we will thus talk about fashion. But don’t worry, we remain budding filibusters. Our critic spirit is still alert. On today’s menu, 5 improbable poses in men’s fashion cooked in foil. You know, those poses that are impossible to reproduce in real life. To be used with caution!

#5 – Power ranger, blue force

Power ranger blue force

Source: GQ

Here is a pose that seems totally improbable in real life. We clearly are at the crossroad between seated position, standing position and lying position. The mish-mash of the legs makes us think of a game of Mikado starting badly. Not to mention that this position is not really convenient to picnic. And the fist stretched to the lens is clearly a reference to the characters of the Super Sentai series. Lovers of body-hugging bright lycra costumes, the ball is in your court.

#4 – Let’s hunt the gazelles

Let's hunt the gazelles

 Source : GQ

See this rascal! He seems ready to hunt the game. This pose is suggestive, not to say too suggestive. First, the placement of the hands is rather phallic. But, more particularly, the finger placed in the hole made by the other hand goes too far. Add on the mischievous smile that could easily become a lip lick or even trickling slobber. And once you notice the concupiscent and lubricious look of this young man, there is no doubt: it is an ambush in due form. Run away!

#3 – Be careful with too-tight undergarments (Johnnie Walker, Keep walking)

keep walking

 Source : GQ

You have already noticed it: Mother Nature only gave the human species a few options to move naturally. Either you walk or your run and all kinds of mixes of genres draw attention and seem to come out of another dimension. Wide strides typically are nonstandard moves. Undergarments experts know that. In this kind of cases, too-tight boxer shorts pay the price. Our advice: if you intend to make the splits (or any variant of this acrobatic figure), wear boxer briefs or briefs.

#2 – Come here, you will feel good next to me

Come here you will feel good

Source : GQ

The lone cowboy with his hat. The myth of manliness in all its splendour – even though since Brokeback Mountain, there are other connotations. The only thing missing is the horse tied a few steps away. Here too, the suggestion is obvious. This man is waiting for us to do something to him. With his hand at the back of his head, he is ready to go to the next step. Concentration and determination before freeing his mind.

#1 – Hopscotch was better before


Source : En Vogue

Indeed, keeping your feet parallel can be boring after a while. Why not turn things upside down a little bit and make ligaments and joints work? That is surely how you end up in this ultimate anti-natural pose, where you test out the balance of your body. After all, we all did that at a time or another in our life. My best memories in this matter date back to the last time I played grandmother’s footsteps with my nephews and nieces. Happiness is in the field.

What do you think about these pictures?


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