To improve their sex appeal, many women bank on alluring undergarments and more and more men are becoming aware that their undergarments can be genuine weapons of mass seduction.

It is for example the case of these classical briefs by Emporio Armani made from black stretch cotton. Thanks to technologies such as the pack-up, the flashback or even the active shape, they will create a “big cock” effect and enhance the attributes of the wearer.

Thanks to a range of products adapted to all styles and situations, Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, already appealed to many men and helped them find the perfect briefs, boxer briefs or boxer shorts to boost their sex appeal.

This article is a compilation of the sexiest items. Indeed, some brands have a natural sensuality, such as Sloggi, Hom or even Dolce & Gabbana.


Emporio Armani black stretch cotton briefs

This first article from the brand HOM is a sure bet in men’s underwear. These elegant boxer briefs made from stretch cotton will perfectly adapt to your curves and enhance your bottom.


The second item of our selection are Dolce & Gabbana briefs at £23.60 instead of £26.18 on Solendro, that is to say a discount of 10%. Besides their undeniable elegance, these briefs provide utmost comfort and softness, typical of the famous Italian brand. The bonus of these briefs is the optimum support they offer, that will enhance the attributes of the wearer.


Black Dolce & Gabbana Classic briefs

The last item we selected for you are Sloggi briefs. Their classical look and their elegance come from the details and finishing touches: their thin waistband with thin stipes and the name of the brand that is embroidered on it. 2-Packs are available on Solendro at £18.90.


Sloggi elegant and classical briefs

If you want to boost your sex appeal and self-confidence or discover our other products, don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro.

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