Because of climate change, we are facing an extremely hot summer.

That is the reason why I recommend you to drop your favourite trousers and shorts and to take your most beautiful undergarments out of your drawers.

This year, summer trends will facilitate the task. Indeed, undergarments are displaying bright colours, summer patterns, and more classical stripes. Here are my advice:

(1) Stripes: Some people will tell you that horizontal stripes will make you look larger… which can be a good thing in the present case since it will considerably enhance your curves – and attributes.

Striped boxer briefs Impetus

(2) Monochromatic: these ones are intended for those among you that are covered in tattoos, in which case it is better to keep it simple and plain.

CK monochromatic boxer briefs

(3) Clavin Klein white boxer briefs: In 1992, as Calvin Klein launched its advertising campaign featuring Mark Wahlberg, it was poorly viewed to wear boxer briefs on a poster of 4 meters by 3. Nowadays, it is not a problem anymore and you can even wear them to have a brunch on Sundays.

CK white boxer briefs

(4) Briefs: Sure, until now, they were reserved to a very private sphere and even stayed in the bedroom. But it is now time to uncover them! The only imperative: doing squats all winter since your thighs will be exposed to all gazes.

Tommy Hilfiger briefs

The undergarments you should absolutely avoid:


 (5) The April’s fool, (6) the shapeless briefs of undetermined colour, (7) the “I don’t want any tan lines” briefs.

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