Everybody knows orthopaedic shoes, but have you ever heard of… orthopaedic briefs? Yes indeed, it exists, but what are they exactly?
Just like orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic briefs have been developed to improve the comfort and health of the anatomic parts in question. Orthopaedic briefs are thus a new invention said to prevent twisting and rubbing when wearing briefs.
It is well-known that men have problems because of their undergarments, especially when they exercise. That is the reason why Jean-Jacques Mustapha is trying to find a solution to this problem by designing orthopaedic briefs. Each pair of briefs is made to measure according to the body of each man. To achieve this, each person who wants orthopaedic briefs has to go to the designer’s workshop to run on a treadmill so that experts can analyse the swinging movements and the natural twisting of the individual. Once the measures are made, orthopaedic briefs are manufactured with cushioning pads so that private parts remain stable, don’t tilt and don’t swing to avoid rubbing and other inconveniences.
The objective of the designer is clear: combining the strength and comfort of pyjamas in a pair of briefs and avoiding rubbing or directions unintentionally caused by classical undergarments.

What do you think about it? Are you ready to invest in orthopaedic briefs? If you are not motivated to go running on a treadmill in briefs, you will also find high-quality – and maybe nicer – underwear on Solendro that will also take care of your family jewels.

Gentlemen, you only have a pair so cherish it!

sloggy briefs
These Sloggi high-waisted briefs enable perfect adjustment to the body and provide great comfort. Simple and relaxed, these grey pouch briefs will pamper your intimate parts!

Mariner briefs
These very trendy Mariner high-waisted briefs will provide you optimum support thanks to their elastic waistband and great comfort thanks to their 100% cotton fabric.

Replay briefs

This 2-Pack Replay black high-waisted briefs is really appreciated for its high-quality support and comfort. You can thus easily combine comfort and elegance.

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