This summer, Solendro doesn’t take a vacation and it is the occasion for us to surprise you! Indeed, we decided not to be idle and to offer an even wider range of products on our website so that you can have a larger choice of undergarments and never be short on new briefs or boxer briefs to discover!
You may have already noticed that during summer new products – namely original boxer briefs and boxer shorts – appeared on our website. They are not only new products but rather completely new brands that come to offer their new collections on Solendro.
Without further delay, let us introduce to you these brands and the sensational products they offer on our website!

Established by Maurice Grosman in 1978, the brand Celio was first named Cléo 3000 and only opened one store. Within 7 years, this store became a genuine concept, which made the opening of 5 other stores possible, the starting point of a true revolution in men’s clothing. The brand began to make a name for itself by expanding in France and reached the number of 100 stores in 1992, when it decided to develop internationally with retail outlets in Belgium, Italy and Spain. Since then, Celio has continued expanding and created new brands, such as Celio club, and launched new products to reach more customers. The brand also kept expanding internationally with 100 stores in India and a flagship in Mumbai, as well as one on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Celio Star warsCelio étoilesCelio carreaux

Lousy Livin. Established in 2012, this young German clothing brand climbs the ladder step by step thanks to clever collaborations and undergarments that totally break common colour codes to create surprising new items! Its website,, perfectly illustrates this originality that cannot let us indifferent and displays images of which only a few artists could have thought and that perfectly match its colour palette. It also uses smiley faces and a rather young communication style, like for example a huge sharing of photos on social networks to convey a lifestyle that is really close to the offbeat style of the brand.

LL blitzLL aLL toast

That is it for the first new brands of the summer! You will soon find others, such as Lacoste, CR7, Lotto and much more on Solendro 😉

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