Pull-In underwear

Pull-In is a brand from the 21st century. In every way. This brand of – mostly – men’s underwear aims at bringing colour and happiness in men’s everyday life, especially when they are half-naked. It was established during the summer of 2000 by an electrical engineer who loves board sports and especially surfing.

After he worked for the famous brand Quicksilver, he tried his luck on his own in the world of underwear with a firmly surf-oriented approach. The material he chose to manufacture his undergarments is, unsurprisingly, Lycra. He also created his own codes that enable customers to recognise his boxer briefs at first sight: a waistband with a clearly visible logo and, above all really colourful, bright and fun patterns.


Pull-In Dentist boxer briefs on Solendro

Among the most popular items of the brand are Strawberries boxer briefs, boxer briefs with Apple apps and co-brandings (Marvel Comics, Raving Rabbids)


Pull-In Strawberries boxer briefs on Solendro

These original items appealed to very popular embassadors such as Michael Youn, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Kelly Slater and even Jean-Marc Barr.

 The brand first settled in the South of France, because of surf spots and the love of colours, before conquering the whole country and expanding internationally. Pull-In has now more than 1000 retailers around the world, among which Solendro!

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