We already told you earlier in the week that Solendro doesn’t go on vacation to offer you the best men’s undergarments all summer long. Weather has already been hot and sunny for a few weeks and weekends of mass departures and crossovers, as Frenchmen name it, are only beginning. In this time of vacation, and to make your waiting time or return at home easier, Solendro’s team selected for you very summery undergarments that will follow you everywhere.

When we are about to depart, we often focus on essentials: not forgetting your toothbrush, your GPS or train tickets, and bring enough water not to die from thirst and/or heat in the potential traffic jams… Yet, only a few people think about choosing their undergarments according to what awaits them: long hours of journey in the heat. Luckily enough, Solendro has a solution! These Master Holiday boxer briefs by Pull In will make you forget about the monotony of the road and (maybe) the long hours stuck in jams.

Pull In Master Holidays

However, according to your tastes, all of you won’t choose the same activities and Solendro thus found for you nice and colourful undergarments adapted to all of your hobbies.

Your summer will be rather marine…

You love watersports and you spend your whole summer in close proximity to the sea or on a boat? Boxer briefs with anchor patterns or marine stripes are made for you!

Gant ancre   TH lucky trunk

Your summer will be athletic…

Whereas some people consider that summer is a synonym of idleness and rest, you much prefer sport activities. Hicking, cycling and paddle boating are the key words of your holidays and you are proud to say it!

Eminence vélo noir   Eminence sport day  Pull In Master Beachboys

Your summer will be very beachy…

To you, no summer vacations without going to the beach. Clear blue sky, water lapping, warm sun and sand are essential elements to maximum relaxation. Your favourite activity? Letting your mind wander freely all day long!

Replay New Collection   Pull In Master beach

Your summer will be exotic…

Palm trees, mangoes, rhum cocktails and beautiful vahines, one thing is for sure: holidays are made to daydream and think about nothing.

Pepe Jeans Alonso   Billabong floral

Before going on vacation, don’t forget to come discover these products and many others on Solendro!

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