The major turning point in recent times in the competition opposing boxer briefs to boxer shorts.

Two undergarments that want to take first place in the race of men’s underwear.

Indeed, when asked if they prefer boxer briefs or boxer shorts, men seem to have mixed feelings. When the former are synonym with utmost elegance, the latter are associated with cocooning and relaxation.

However, boxer briefs are indisputably at first place in the category of men’s underwear. But why?

Boxer shorts, which used to symbolise the emancipation of young men from their fathers’ white briefs, are not considered undergarments par excellence any more. The argument: support against mess.

Men looking for the latest trends and now attentive to details, are looking for undergarments that will enhance their curves and their bodies. Boxer briefs are said to perfectly combine elegance, class and comfort. Supported by women, boxer briefs managed to rise to the top. However, boxer shorts have not yet said their last word – far from it. The advocates of boxer shorts want to make a strong claim about the undeniable advantages of this type of undergarments:

  1. They are made for relaxing times
  2. They hide volume thanks to their looseness
  3. They offer an incomparable sensation of freedom
  4. They enable your private parts to breathe

After all, aren’t we only looking for men that are happy in their undergarments? Whether they prefer boxer briefs or boxer shorts, clothes do not make the man! Thus, don’t hesitate to wear undergarments in which you feel good without neglecting style for all that.

Come discover all our boxer briefs and boxer shorts on Solendro!

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