After the success of the first part, we had to make a second one. Top 5 of new improbable poses in fashion.

# 5: Grandmother’s footsteps


Jo Wilfried is ready to jump, run or to do I don’t know quite what wearing a woolen coat, which could rapidly turn out to be hindering. This picture reminds us of the pose we take when playing grandmother’s footsteps. Shifty eyes and stretched arms to spice up the game a little bit. There we are. But since the devil is in the detail, we have no choice but to greatly appreciate the athletic performance. Indeed, Jo Wilfried manages to perfectly stand on tiptoes. Perfect mastery of calves and thighs. Well done!

#4: Where is the stepladder ?

citadin bohème

It is Sunday afternoon and we find ourselves in the middle of a painting session against our will. Taking part reluctantly to an episode of a house makeover television series, our very chic friend has to be very skillful. A malfunction or an off-guard moment and the orange trousers become two-coloured. Above all, there is the existential question that all amateur painters inevitably ask themselves. Damn! I went over the edges. How can I fix that?

#3: Could you repeat the question?

vous pouvez répéter la question

Frowning, with a finger on his temple as if he was intensely reflecting in vain, we easily imagine this one in the shoes of a television quiz game candidate who asks the host to repeat the question ten times before saying “I’ll pass” looking put out. Leaning more or less uncertainly on a black cube, a foot on another, his elbow on the thigh, we first wonder how somebody could adopt such a position to think (and do anything else by the way) and we easily understand why this young man looks so lost: you can’t at the same time focus on your balance, on your look and think properly. So, just stand properly and you keep in mind that look isn’t everything.

#2: Mirror, Mirror on the wall…


Diesel hit hard this year with its new advertising campaign Hero Fit in which models are photographed in a bathroom. Muscular bodies and tattoos are there as usual but some of the poses are hardly understandable. An overview…

At first sight in this picture, nothing is out of the ordinary: a man, apparently proud of his body, is taking a selfie in the bathroom, wearing extremely skin-tight briefs. Up to this point, everything is fine. However, taking a closer look, the girls at Solendro noticed a few disturbing details.

First of all, the pink shower curtain. Just why?! Despite the fact that this colour makes the blue colour of the briefs stand out, we don’t understand. Orange or yellow had had the same effect and wouldn’t have broken the image of a manly man that this guy is apparently trying to give.

Then, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the shower head seems to come up to his torso. The question is: how does he wash himself? Either he only takes baths (you can’t be both beautiful and environmentally friendly), or he makes contortions like the acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil every morning. Not really practical.

Finally, we would like to point out the round mirror on the right of the picture, which « discreetly » highlights the private parts of this gentleman. Just in case the briefs weren’t body-hugging enough.

#1: I’m feeling myself


I think we have a winner here. Sprawled on the loo, legs spread, smartphone in the hands, this one seems to have fun. We wonder what he can be doing. If you look carefully, it looks like he is taking a picture, but of what? We’ll let you ponder on that.

We were also tempted to make a comment on the leopard towel, hung behind this merry young man, but we will refrain from doing so. After all, everybody has different tastes and this towel is undoubtedly very soft.

However, if there is one thing unacceptable about this picture, it is the laundry basket that is more than full and has pride of place right next to the loo. Apparently too busy taking pictures in his bathroom (by the way, it could be a good idea to change his spot), he forgot to do the laundry.

What are the poses you find the most improbable ?

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