As people who were in holidays in July are about to go back home (because all good things must unfortunately come to an end), people who take their holidays in August are about to leave. However, every year the same issue arises: how to bring everything in a single suitcase, which, if you take the plane or the TGV, cannot be too voluminous. Solendro’s team decided to address the problem…

  1. Begin with your shoes…

In plastic bags if you are afraid of putting dirt on your clothes. In order to save space, put your socks or pairs of underwear inside them. Fill in the spaces between shoes with the rest of your undergarments rolled like spring rolls. Thus, they will take less space and it will be more orderly than putting them in your suitcase anyhow. Extra tip: bring at least one pair of underwear for each day of vacation (no, swimsuits are not briefs that you can wear three days in a row!).

  1. Continue with your t-shirts

No matter whether you prefer the spring roll technique or the more classical folding one, you have to put your tops properly at the bottom of your suitcase, next to your shoes.

  1. …Your shorts and trousers…

Neatly folded (and, this time, it is non-negotiable) because trousers take less space when they are flat than when they are in a ball and it prevents them from creasing before you have even put them on. Even in holidays, the creased-careless-I-don’t-have-time-to-iron look has to be banished.

  1. Your shirts

If you bring a shirt when going on vacation, it is not to crease it in your suitcase, or you can say goodbye to your class look on a terrace. We thus advise you to neatly fold your shirts and to put them flat on top of your other clothes.

  1. Your toilet bag and other objects that are indispensable on holidays

Finally, icing on the cake, add your toilet bag, in which you obviously did not forget to put a toothbrush (and toothpaste of course, otherwise it is useless). Preferably opt for waterproof toilet bags or wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent all possible leaks on your clothes. Because, worse than the creased shirt, there is the shirt that is stained because of the unexpected opening of your sunscreen lotion or your toothpaste that has decided to escape.

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