What about you? Have you ever wondered what type of undergarments you would wear onto your bright Lycra garments if you were a super hero? Probably not, and it is totally normal since wearing undergarments onto tights looks ridiculous, even on Superman. However, this eccentricity seems to play an important part in the charisma of these characters to the point that we no longer notice it.

Yet, why do super heroes wear briefs onto their tights?

The reason is simple. Whether it is Batman, Superman or even Spiderman, every one of them has come to the conclusion that it is essential to be able to rely on your underwear in every situation. It is likely that if you have to renew your wardrobe, you will choose undergarments that are adapted to your (super) activities of your everyday life: running after your bus in the morning or being able to cope with stressful situations at work.


Eminence elastic briefs

This is the reason why super heroes prefer elastic undergarments that provide better support and great flexibility.

The choice of the colour of your undergarments also seems to be essential. Indeed, super heroes mostly choose bright colours even though there also are simpler or more original items.


Hulk’s holiday boxer shorts

Finally, since super heroes also need rest days, Solendro invite you to discover Hulk’s relaxed boxer shorts for holidays.

If you want to reveal your inner super hero, come discover our wide range of products on Solendro.com. You will find everything you need to be ready to fight villains and to save the world.

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