“I don’t believe in an afterlife, although I’m bringing along a change of underwear.” Woody Allen.

Very careful when it comes to getting ready for his departure in the afterlife, Woody Allen belongs to the baby boom generation for whom men’s undergarments are mere basic accessories, which unique function is to provide support and comfort to men’s private parts. A task perfectly carried out by the classical white pouch briefs, even though their “aesthetics” may be subject to debate.

However, men’s undergarments have evolved since then and have even become genuine fashion accessories. Modern men are more and more clothes-conscious and are on the lookout for the latest trends. Today, the details, even invisible to the naked eye, make a huge difference: the ingenious cut of a pair of fashion briefs, the discreet luxury of marine blue or the flexibility of body-hugging boxer briefs. Men want more fanciness and choose more elaborate materials such as stretch cotton and Lycra.

The major brands, which regularly launch new collections that perfectly combine creativity and modernity while providing well-being and elegance, only know it too well.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and come discover your favourite brands on

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