Falke is one of the various brands that you can discover on Solendro.com.

Established in 1985, Falke began by founding a knitting plant.
Since then, the brand has kept expanding and developing to offer a wide range of classical socks, knee-length socks and ankle socks that are now references in the world of socks!

Falke products are innovative, soft, comfortable, incredibly chic and fashionable! The brand tries to achieve perfection for you and your feet, so let yourself be tempted. The guiding principles of Falke are the following: the search for perfection and the experience to manufacture high-quality products. The collections are characterised by their beauty, their softness and their irreproachable finish.

Come discover our selection of Falke socks, available in our catalogue:

Here are the Falke black socks from the Milano collection, which are elegant and have a silky finish, and are made from 100% Lisle.

Black socks

Beauty and elegance for your feet: Falke black socks from the Milano collection

Falke socks can also be colourful! Here are the blue socks from the Tiago collection, which are very soft and pleasant to wear!

Blue socks

Blue socks from the Tiago collection

Socks from the Airport collection are made for those who are sensitive to the cold. They are made from wool in the inside and cotton on the outside to warm up your feet when it’s extremely cold. They are thick and soft, and will soon become your favourite socks.

Brown socks

Brown socks from the Airport collection

Finally, here are the low-cut socks from the Step collection that will be perfect to match all of your sport outfits.

White socks

White low-cut socks from the Step collection

Don’t hesitate and treat yourself with Falke products, you can be sure that they will pamper your feet!

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 74 30 56 17, we will be glad to answer all of your questions.


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