If you too, gentlemen, are fed up with wearing undergarments in which you don’t feel well. If you, too, want to wear undergarments in which you feel good and attractive enough to be able to wear them in all circumstances, we have what you need.

Indeed, we decided to make you discover a brand that has been working with us since we started: Arthur.

Established in 1983, this French brand managed to take a special place in the world of men’s underwear. Indeed, it rapidly developed the concept of undergarments in which you feel good and that you can wear anywhere, including when you want to feel at ease at home.

It is with this in mind that Arthur invented boxer shorts with inner support to provide greater comfort to the wearer and to prevent rubbing and jiggling.

However, only focusing on comfort would make us forget about what make the strength of the brand: its style. By using exclusive materials, Arthur manages to manufacture simple products with a fresh and friendly style.

Here are a few boxer shorts that perfectly combine comfort and aesthetics.

These Arthur boxer shorts with inner support are undeniably original. The inner support made from jersey cotton enable you to feel at ease without being too tight, the ultimate example of comfort!

Arthur 1

These chequered blue boxer shorts from the Arthur Club collection also perfectly illustrate this article. Simpler than the first one, they can be worn on every occasion and will provide you optimum comfort.

Arthur 2

Clémence de Gabriac, a young French designer who established her brand in 2009 also included inner support to her boxer shorts. At the cutting edge of elegance and refinement, these boxer shorts are among the most comfortable.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 74 30 56 17, we will be glad to answer all of your questions. – The reference online store for men’s underwear.

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