Absolutely keen about new technologies and unusual objects, you are constantly looking for novelties to improve all aspects of your everyday life. From the kitchen to the bedroom and living room, Solendro thus committed to find objects that are both unusual and useful and will soon become indispensable pieces in your life.

# 5: A mug that stirs your hot chocolate itself

self stirring mug

You have never been an early bird and breakfast has always been synonymous with catastrophe. Between your coffee that is very likely to end up spilled on the floor when you are already late for work, your slice of bread that will inevitably land butter-side-down and the chocolate stains on your last white shirt when the most important meeting of the week is scheduled two hours later, all elements are combined for you to spend a bad day.

To make your life easier from the breakfast, brilliant engineers developed a mug that stirs your hot chocolate itself (yes, you read it well!). You only have to put your chocolate powder, to add milk and your new favourite mug will do the rest, without risk of lumps, smears of chocolate resulting from a stirring technique that is too brusque or, worse, to find all the chocolate at the bottom of the mug.

# 4: The toaster knife

couteau grille pain

Yes, you read it right. To make you breakfast easier (and make you save at least 2 minutes), we selected for you this magnificent object, combining a knife and a toaster, which enables you to toast your bread as you are cutting it. Very practical when you are already late and that, owing to time constraints, you can’t go through the toaster stage. Not wanting to eat your bread without first toasting it, you unfortunately used to be left without a breakfast. But it was before this marvel of engineering arrived in your home.

Never eat bread again without toasting it first!

We have a little observation to make: the use of this object might pose a high risk of burning yourself. To be handled by the most dexterous among you.

# 3: AquaNotes


It is a well-known fact: the shower is a place of ultimate meditation, reflection, the place where you review your day (and sometimes your life), where you repeat the talks of the day or the day before in your head and you think about how you should have answered. But, above all, it is the place where you think about your shopping list, the things you have to do absolutely. You tell yourself that you will note the outcome of this intense thinking right after going out of the shower but you soon forget about it and realise it far too late.

We have the solution to cope with this problem: AquaNotes. Once it is fixed to one of the walls of your shower, this waterproof notebook will enable you to note all the ideas that cross your mind. Yet, it is not an excuse to spend three hours in the shower every day, it is not environment friendly and the skin of your hands will be hideously wrinkled.

# 2: The ice cream lock


You are fed up with your housemate systematically stealing your ice cream jars and (obviously) never replacing it? You want to protect this treasure and be able to dive your spoon in an ice cream jar that you will eat completely without an ounce of culpability while watching the latest episode of your favourite series? Ben and Jerry’s invented for you the Euphori-lock. This combination lock will prevent anyone from devouring your precious. Americans are definitely crazy (and brilliant) people.

# 1 : The foaster


At first sight, it is a classical toaster. Yes, but! As you might suspect, Solendro’s team didn’t rack their brains to offer you an object that is already part of your everyday life. The foaster (created by the combination of “phone” and “toaster”) works like a toaster but enables you to charge your phone. The principle? You plug your phone and it jumps when it is done charging. It avoids you to have to check every 5 minutes if your battery is full and enables you to make fun of the first one who will try to toast bread with it.

The only problem is that you may also attempt to toast bread (in vain obviously) with this little object when your mornings are difficult, when you forget that you already replaced your real toaster by a high-tech knife and that, after two hours under the shower drawing on your new fantastic notebook, you are late.

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