We wear what we are but, too often, we don’t dare to wear clothes which we mistakenly consider too good for us. Elegance is not only reserved to stars. It is a choice, a way to assert ourselves in our way of presenting or dressing ourselves.

We are what we wear and it begins and ends with our undergarments.

Like Ian Somerhalder, opt for undergarments that represent yourselves and assert your presence. You, too, can assert and underline your elegance, its origin and its end, through your underwear.

Treat yourselves with some of the products available on Solendro.com, like for example:

EA 3-pack

3-Pack Emporio Armani white briefs

A good start would be this 3-pack 100% cotton white briefs by Emporio Armani, with the logo of the brand embroidered on the waistband and front lining for better support.

This product, that is about to become one of the classics of the brand, perfectly combines elegance, comfort and sobriety.

EA black

Emporio Armani black stretch briefs

Then, you could opt for these black stretch briefs that are neither high rise nor low rise and have a marked masculinity. Moreover, they provide optimum support. The classical style of these Armani black briefs is underlined by the Emporio Armani initials, embroidered in white on the waistband.

 EA white

Emporio Armani white boxer briefs

Finally, you will feel very comfortable in these boxer briefs that go down to mid-thigh and will perfectly hug your body. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they cover the body a little bit more while providing good support. The classical and elegant style is highlighted by the initials of the brand that are embroidered on the waistband of these boxer briefs.

Don’t wait longer and assert your elegance and your own style through our more than 700 items available on Solendro.com in all styles, all sizes and at all prices.

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