There we are, the month of August has already begun. This year again, your resolution to begin to work out on January 1st fell through too quickly to yield results. Yet, we don’t blame you: after a whole week spent eating, going for a run is difficult, especially when it’s grey and cold outside and you decided to begin to work out on a regular basis on December, 31st after drinking a bit too much and eating for four. What guilt can make us do…

However, 8 months later, you have definitely given up the idea of waking up earlier to exercise and you don’t even remember where are your running shoes (in which a colony of insects has surely taken up residence), you rather invested in slimming undergarments and now you regret it. Here are some tips from Solendro to get back on track.

# 1: Be organised! Before anything, set up a sport schedule. Rather than telling yourself “I’ll go for a run three times a week when I will have time” (which will inevitably become “I’ll go tomorrow” every day), set days on which you will work out and stand by that. First, it will enable you to set up a routine and second, it will be harder to make up excuses.

# 2: Create a playlist. Long and varied enough to avoid hearing the same songs every day or, worse, the same one several times during a single session. Give priority to dynamic ones that will motivate you to push your limits and give you energy and regularly change your playlist to renew what you hear a little bit.

# 3: Prepare your clothes in advance. Whether you go to the gym or simply prefer going for a run in the streets, avoid looking for your sport garments before every session. Always put them at the same place or prepare them the day before.

# 4: If you decide to sign up for a gym, choose one that is not too far from your home or your workplace. Having to take public transports or going a long way to exercise can rapidly turn out to be demotivating and it would be a shame to give up because of that.

# 5: Find a sport buddy. Whether it is your girlfriend, your best friend or a colleague, find somebody to exercise and compare your progress with. Give priority to people who are fitter or more trained than you are, it should motivate you to work out more often. If nobody in your relatives wants to share this sweat time with you, social networks are the ideal way to find sport buddies.

# 6: Follow sport lovers on social networks. No matter if you prefer Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr, the main thing is to find people who inspire you and push you to keep going no matter what. Some of them even give pieces of advice, which can be very practical.

# 7: If you are not fully equipped yet, keep in mind that good shoes make all the difference. No need to buy the most expensive or the brightest ones, if they hurt your feet, you will never wear them.

# 8: Set yourself realistic goals. Most of the time, people give up because the goals they set themselves are far too unrealistic to keep going. They suffer, and since most people don’t like to suffer, they give up. Thus, it is better to move progressively and stick to your goals.

# 9: Take rest days. Without them, you will get tired faster and stop making progress. At the beginning, work out every other day and increase the number of sessions gradually. However, always have one rest day in the week, it is essential.

# 10: Choose a sport you like. It seems logical and yet… Do not begin to run if the simple though of crossing 5 km on foot irks you, do not sign up for a football or basketball club if you hate team sports or don’t know the rules and do not go to the gym if fitness machines are pieces of torture equipment to your eyes. It is difficult enough to start working out, don’t lay it on thick!

You know have all it takes to intelligently start working out and make progress. Yet, don’t forget to wear good undergarments (briefs and boxer briefs will be your best allies), preferably made from cotton for the absorbent and anti-odour properties of this material. Come discover all our products on Solendro.com.

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