Contrary to the French market of women’s underwear that tends to stagnate, men’s undergarments are currently booming.

Men are looking for change, they want greater comfort, style and fashion. Thus, an annual growth of 6% in men’s underwear sales is expected during the next five years.

As you can easily suspect, a booming market leads to the establishment of new brands.

Some of them stand out thanks to their innovative spirit and the quality of their products. On, you will find two designers in vogue that are famous for their high-quality undergarments.

First of all, Les Insurgés. This company was created in March 2011 and used the services of famous designers to create trendy items made for men who are fed up with undergarments that are too classical and uncomfortable.

The objective of Les Insurgés is to guide men in their search for fashion. That is the reason why the brand regularly renews its collections to make the customers come back, just like the biggest brands.

If you are looking for a brand that is at the same elegant, simple, luxurious and trendy, we also have M. Moore.

M. Moore wanted to be innovative and invented the Boxçon. Half way between boxer shorts and boxer briefs, the Boxçon is a piece of underwear that is both close-fitting and offers a sensation of freedom. It is true that many men complain about boxer briefs that are too body-hugging and boxer shorts that are too loose.

Thanks to the elegant pearly buttons, the perfectly fitted cut and the comfort provided by high-quality Dutch cotton, Monsieur Moore’s Boxçons will fulfil your needs.

We also liked the organic collection of these young designers that is always trendier and proves the modernity of this brand, which is totally in line with its time.

Finally, someone whose reputation is already well established, someone who worked with the greatest names, Alexis Mabille collaborated with the brand Hom to design an exclusive collection of very high-quality boxer briefs. We like it, you like it, and you will want more.

Our favourite undergarments by Alexis Mabille are boxer briefs with his signature bow ties. You are looking for comfort? Elegance? Luxury? Come discover original, comfortable boxer briefs with patterns or stripes.

new brands

Don’t hesitate and come discover these brands and many others on!

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