Solendro’s team continues looking for unusual objects that will undoubtedly make your everyday life brighter and comes back today with a second series of crazy but very useful objects (we assure you) you should have at home.

# 5: The microphone sponge


Since your early childhood, you have been dreaming of becoming a famous singer. However, your parents didn’t listen to you, you haven’t come to fame thanks to Pop Idol or the X Factor and your dream is drifting away day after day. Despite that, you are still passionate about singing and you even do singing exercises… under the shower. To make you feel like a true rock star from the morning and give a break to your shampoo bottle, Solendro selected for you a sponge shaped like a microphone that will enable you to reveal the full extent of your talent. Your neighbours are such lucky people!

# 4: Dexter bath mat


Dexter, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Body of Proof are among your favourite series and you want to transform your bathroom in a genuine crime scene? Solendro found a mat that changes colour when it enters in contact with water to make appear bloody prints. One word of advice: avoid to let a sensitive soul enter your bathroom right after you leave it, or get ready to explain the details to the paramedics.

# 3: The butter stick


Every morning the story repeats itself: you take the butter out of the fridge too late and it is impossible to spread properly because it is too hard and you invariably end up with an uneven layer of butter, with some areas covered with too much butter and others that are almost bare. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough time to wait because you spent too much time under the shower. The solution? The butter stick. It works like the good old glue sticks you used during primary and middle school and enables you to spread the right quantity of butter without effort (and without making holes in your slice of bread). Progress can’t be stopped.

# 2: A knife especially designed to scrape Nutella jars

couteau nutella

We also thought about those among you who prefer eating nutella to start the day. What is more frustrating than almost finishing a jar of this genuine present from the gods (and I am carefully weighing my words) and not managing to scrape it properly? You have already tried everything : knives don’t reach corners enough, spoons end up smudged with chocolate spread but don’t manage to collect a decent loot and you finally abandon, grieved up, the very last grams of the precious nectar at the bottom of the jar. To put an end to this tragic situation, engineers (what would we do without them?) invented a knife that enables you to perfectly scrape Nutella jar without leaving a single gram behind. What a beautiful epoch to live in!

# 1: The anti-theft conservation bag

sandwich moisi

For some time now at Solendro, lunches put in the fridge have been mysteriously disappearing. Despite the current investigation and mousetraps that have been installed everywhere in the kitchen, the glutton thief can’t be found and distrust is growing day after day between the members of the team. To be able to eat his lunch, a genius found the solution: conservation bags with a mold impression to dissuade even the most daring thief to take a bit of your sandwich!

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