Technology is definitely everywhere: the 3D effect that is so popular in movie theaters can now be found in your trousers. The first brand to launch this new concept of undergarments was Calvin Klein in 2012 with a limited edition that was very successful! Sold with small 3D glasses, the result is both original and sexy. If the desired effect is definitely there, the price is that of a high-quality product. Count approximately £35 to have boxer briefs that will dazzle you. A beautiful present for those who love originality though!

calvin klein technologie

In the 1970s, underwear manufacturers realised that they could extend their market by offering more seductive men’s undergarments, which were only worn for their hygienic and protective properties until then. During the 1980s, materials became more varied and details more modern and the first neon undergarments even appeared in the most fashionable communities. 3D is appearing today, as well as numerous other concepts such as the anti-electromagnetic wave underwear, anti-rape boy shorts for women, thermal undergarments for people who love going in freezing cold, scented underwear and even hydrating undergarments designed to hydrate your skin as you are wearing them.

Solendro selected boxer briefs that are both colourful and technological for those among you who love original underwear. You only have to make your choice.


These Achile boxer briefs display our text messages in an original way. Undergarments that will undoubtedly have an effect!


Technology is invading underwear! These HOM boxer briefs are anti electromagnetic waves thanks to a thin layer of silver material included in the front cup.

Pull In

Do you like colour? These Pull In boxer briefs are made for you! The neon contrasting patterns will undoubtedly make a trendy outfit!

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