You are certainly already aware that the Comic Con will come in Paris on October 23rd to 25th with Franck Miller as guest of honour. This cartoonist, scriptwriter and filmmaker is renowned for its adaptations of famous comic book characters such as Batman and Daredevil.

However, for many people, the Comic Con also is a unique occasion to wear their most beautiful cosplays (or to create one for the occasion) and to let their inner geeks express themselves.

For the occasion, and to be sure that you will be perfectly prepared for this event, Solendro selected for you comfortable underwear featuring the icons of geek culture.

Captain America

Captain America boxer briefs by Pull In


Hulk’s boxer shorts

Just like in every Comic Con that respects itself, super heroes will have the place of honour this year. Whether you prefer the vintage look from the 1940s and the wisdom of Captain America or Hulk’s more… spirited mind, you can now buy boxer briefs displaying the former and the comfortable boxer shorts for lazy days of the latter.

Star wars

Star Wars boxer briefs by Celio

Since the end of the 1970s, Star Wars is a cult movie and has become an unavoidable element of geek culture. If you fail to transform into a stormtrooper for one day, these Celio boxer briefs will make sure the force is with you all day long.

Let’s now dive into the world of video games.


Achile arcade socks

Signature games of the 1970-80s, arcade games have since greatly lost in popularity after the arrival of various gaming consoles and computer games. However, they remain really popular among the biggest fans and collector’s pieces can sometimes reach sky-high prices.

Super mario 1

Super Mario boxer briefs by Celio

Speaking about console games, this year Celio designed a collection featuring the very famous and very popular Mario, now available on, to pay tribute to Satoru Iwata in your own way or let your inner child express himself.

vice city

Cop hill boxer briefs by Pull In

In a little bit less childish but just as popular category, GTA is also part of the video game series that became unavoidable over time. These boxer briefs designed by Pull In will undoubtedly remind you of the summery and urban atmosphere of Vice City for an eventful day.

Of course, you can also wear briefs. The only rule: wear them UNDER your trousers (even Superman stopped wearing them on top) and avoid at all costs body-hugging leggings made from Lycra.

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