It is unbelievable but true. August 2013, in the city of Changchun, located in the North of China, a man was attempting suicide from the 6th floor of his building but his wife arrived right on time and saved his life!

How? By catching him by his boxer briefs before grasping one of his legs.

It lasted 20 minutes, the time for the rescue personnel to arrive.

Passers-by told the press that they heard somebody scream and saw a man hanging from the window and his wife gripping his undergarments.

This woman was calling for help while firmly holding him but since the apartment door was locked and couldn’t be smashed open, nobody managed to help her before the rescue arrived.

This sad story ending well proves that undergarments are indispensable and even, in this case, vital.

We will present to you a few essential items sold on Solendro that all men should have in their wardrobe.

Let’s begin with this 3-pack white cotton boxer briefs by Emporio Armani.


These boxer briefs are great classics. They are neither long nor short and provide a comfort that is faithful to the quality of the brand.

Solendro, always wanting the best for its customers, offers them in a pack of three at an affordable price, so don’t hesitate.

Then, we have these black stretch cotton boxer briefs by Calvin Klein.


They have a close-fitting cut and have been designed to slim down your silhouette while providing great freedom of movement.

We love their Calvin Klein waistband bearing a black silicone logo at the center of the back.

Finally, what do you think about these very elegant boxer briefs by the brand Eden Park?


At the same time original and well-cut, they will please you for sure!

We love the little polka dots on the waistband that give a feeling of lightness and freedom.

These boxer briefs are a sure bet!

Don’t wait longer and come discover all our products on Solendro.com!

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